Trinity Aquinas snatch win from West Coast + Video HighlightsWednesday, June 21, 2017 - 1:00 PM - by Sarah Mozley

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Round 10 of the A-grade season saw West Coast travel down to Bill Grayden Reserve to take on Trinity Aquinas in a tight contest for dominance.

Trinity Aquinas inflicted heartbreak to West Coast who battled it out for a 2-point lead in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

However, West Coast were left frustrated as they gave away a 50m penalty, resulting in a TA goal to give them a four point lead with minutes on the clock.

West Coast tried to fight back for the opportunity to regain the lead, but TA’s desperate tackling pressure resulted in another TA goal on the siren to seal the win.

TA walked away with a 10 point win and a final score of 14.10 (94) to beat West Coast’s 12.12 (84).

The win leaves TA at fifth position on the ladder and West Coast still fighting it out towards the bottom in eighth.

The contest was tight from the opening term as TA had more control of the ball and time inside forward 50, but West Coast appeared more dangerous when they did get the ball in their half.

It was West Coast’s ability to accurately score when they had the opportunity that gave them a small lead of 4 points at the end of the first term.

However, TA came out strongly in the second term and the contest evened out as they went into half time on 7.6 (48) to scrape past West Coast’s 7.4 (46).

TA continued to look slightly more dominant in the third term as they managed to control the ball in their half.

West Coast retained a strong defensive pressure that did not give TA many scoring opportunities, limiting TA’s lead to one goal by the end of the term.

The game went down to the wire in the final term as both sides battled out until the end with multiple lead changes that left the game open until the final minutes.

West Coast gave away costly free kicks that gave TA the chance to snatch the last few goals and take the win.

West Coast is up for another challenge next week as they take on Scarborough at home, while TA will travel to South Oval for a match against Curtin Uni Wesley. 



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