Thornlie Seeking Coaches for 2018

Thornlie seeking coaches for 2018


Reserves Coach B Grade

Colts B Grade

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League Coach

Thornlie Senior Football Club is looking for a new coach for our senior side. The 2018 season will be our first season in B grade hot off the success of our League team winning back to back premierships in 2016 C2 Premiers, 2017 C1 Premiers.

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced coach who can take this club into the future in B grade.

Ideally we would like a coach with vast experience in all aspects of coaching at senior level. Level 2 coaching accreditation is desirable but minimum level 1 league is minimum requirements.

Desirable attribute are but not limited to;

  • Good communications skills able to reach every player on his own level.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire effort and commitment from the whole player group to improve on performance.
  • Ability to effectively lead other coaching staff and plan and organize effective, relevant and wide ranging training and fitness plans for all training sessions.
  • Ability to work with club management to set high standards for game day environment and forge strong club player involvement in club social activities and events.
  • Strong background in game day tactics and strategies and able to effectively communicate and train all players to carry out these on game day.
  • Strong background in development and equal understanding of the relationship between developing young players to higher outcomes from within the junior senior club environment.

We are a successful club with a strong junior club in support and a strong membership base. We have licensed facilities in support and are having game day lighting installed at present.

All other coaching positions other than league coach will be appointed after the League coach and the league coach will be involved with interview process for Reserves and Colts coach appointment.

All coaches interested in any of the above positions are asked to contact me send your resume to me. Applications close Monday 20th November, 2017


Mick Fraser

Director of Senior Football

Thornlie Senior Football Club


Phone: 0418 946 827